Distribution System

Hệ thống phân phối Our nation-wide distribution and sales network is an essential factor to the success of operations, which allows us to account for the large number of clients and ensures the introduction of new products as well as effective marketing strategies across the country. As of December 31st, 2009, we have sold products through 240 distributors and more than 140,000 points of sale in all 64 provinces of the country. The sales team of 1,787 experienced salespeople across the country to support the distributors to better serve retailers and consumers, and to promote our products.


The sales team is responsible for serving and supporting distribution operations and develop relationships with new distributors and retailers. In addition, we also organized several promotional and marketing activities with local distributors to promote their products and brand building across the country.

Along with the domestic distribution network, we are currently negotiating supply contracts with potential partners in other countries such as Thailand, Australia and America.
We are also one of the few companies in food and beverage sales system, who is equipped with coolers, freezers. The investment for sales with coolers, freezers system is a great barrier against competitors to participate in the market of food and beverage, because it is really a huge investment.


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