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Goods are delivered to consumers via supply chains, which provided by ICD Vietnam as follows:

- ICD Vietnam is the importer of consumer products from overseas partners.

- ICD Vietnam sells directly to supermarkets such as Metro C&C, Big C, Coopmart, .... At the supermarkets, ICD Vietnam has PG supporting team to increase sales to consumers.


- ICD Vietnam also sells directly to distributors throughout North, Central and South Vietnam. The distributors only play a role in the implementation of the logistics, delivery and payment. The staff of ICD Vietnam at the distributors are responsible for the trading of goods. This ensures that the business of ICD Vietnam and Distributors is always favorable. Goods will be sold to wholesalers, retailers and pharmacies. And in each of these stores, ICD Vietnam also arranges PG staff to support the outlet to sell to consumers.DistributionNetwork






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