Jamieson Laboratories

imagesCAZTBKL7A History of Excellence

Since 1922, Jamieson Laboratories has been recognized as Canada's leading manufacturer and distributor of advanced natural healthcare products.


Founded by Claire Edwin Jamieson In 1922, Jamieson has grown to become a world leader in the vitamin and nutrition industry, exporting to more than 40 countries around the globe, including the United States, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore.


General Candy Company Limited

logoGeneral Candy Company Limited was founded in Thailand in 1983 and the success has been towering. The star-product of General Candy is Hartbeat Love candy, unique product with heart shaped candy became well known and broadly accepted by consumers locally and overseas. In Thailand, our products are sold in all channels nationwide; convenience stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, retail shops, wholesalers, and etc. For overseas market, we have exported our products to more than 30 countries worldwide mostly under exclusive basis. All of our products have become descriptive for a quality product. Plus, we also accept private label products manufacturing.


Oritental Food Industries

clip image002Overview
Oriental Food Industries Sdn Bhd was established and incorporated in 1978. From our modest beginnings, we have made our mark in the food manufacturing industry today holding the leading position in the snack food and confectionery industry in Malaysia.

In a crowded marketplace, we remain focused on placing the needs and interests of our customers’ first by manufacturing products that focuses on quality.

We believe that the key focus for success in this business depends on product quality, product range, research and development, a highly quality workforce right from top management to the operator level, sound marketing strategy, effective sales and advertising policies, competitive pricing, good domestic and international distribution network and most importantly the commitment to excellence in all aspects of the company business, all of which are being implemented and practiced in our organization.


Franzia Wine

About the Wines

Franzia wines are fresh, delicious and made with a heartfelt commitment. Franzia is a wine first created by the hard work of the Franzia family during the first half of the 1900s. Today, our wines are enjoyed by people in countries all over the globe.

Franzia offers many timeless wine styles for you to enjoy anytime.

Pour yourself a glass of Franzia, sit back and relish in the joy of sharing good food and good wine with family and friends.


Distribution System

Hệ thống phân phối Our nation-wide distribution and sales network is an essential factor to the success of operations, which allows us to account for the large number of clients and ensures the introduction of new products as well as effective marketing strategies across the country. As of December 31st, 2009, we have sold products through 240 distributors and more than 140,000 points of sale in all 64 provinces of the country. The sales team of 1,787 experienced salespeople across the country to support the distributors to better serve retailers and consumers, and to promote our products.


Online Support


Hotline: 0313 538 701

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